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Heartbroken | Professional help for heartache!

Certain events in life can be deeply unsettling: a painful separation or break-up, the feeling of rejection after a divorce or the loss of a loved one. heartbroken offers empathetic counseling to help you move through painful, heartbreaking life situations.

Across traditional cultures the joyful, uplifting hummingbird is often seen as a resource for healing when it comes to matters of the heart. The colourful and nimble little bird brings outside gifts and insights and carefully places them with its long beak into the broken heart so it can heal.

heartbroken counseling supports you in finding essential, but sometimes hidden truths from deep inside the heart, which are helpful in the process of reinventing your life and rediscovering joyfully living it after hardship.

Emotional support going through break up, divorce or having lost a loved person

Heartbroken | Together we will work through the pain

The end of a relationship is often associated with painful experiences. When we are heartbroken, we are often plagued by sleepless nights or too much sleep, spinning thoughts, lack of motivation and lack of orientation. Feelings of inner turmoil, loneliness, sadness, guilt, anger or fear, to mention a few, determine everyday life.

heartbroken supports the journey of finding and reinventing yourself after painful life events. This starts with developing ways to cope with the immediate heartache, and then progresses on to getting out of the “stuck place” by identifying and shifting unhelpful thought patterns. It then gives guidance in finding strengths and resources that allow you to take steps that open new paths towards joyful living.

Heartbroken | Ihr Beziehungs- und Liebeskummercoach

Counseling topics

  • healing from heartache
  • on – off relationships
  • codependency, guilt
  • toxic relationships, jealousy
  • fear of commitment
  • separation & divorce
  • loss & grief

Counseling methods

  • Unconditional positive regard based on Carl Rogers
  • Humanistic Psychology based on Abraham Maslow
  • Systemic coaching
  • Resource-centered constellation work
  • Rituals and healing work

Counseling fees

  • Counseling fees
    Single session (50 Min): 70,00 Euro
    5 sessison: 300,00 Euro
  • Business counseling (incl. VAT)
    Single session (50 Min): 120,00 Euro
    5 sessison 550,00 Euro

„The grief that does not speak Whispers the o’er-fraught heart and bids it break.“

William Shakespeare

How to heal a broken heart

Workshop: How to heal a broken heart?

heartborken offers the opportunity to learn about the follwing topics in a safe environment:

Heartbroken | Ihr Beziehungs- und Liebeskummercoach

Workshop topics

  • Emotional first aid for broken hearts
  • Recognizing debilitating patterns
  • Learning healing methods

Upcoming events

  • 09.05.2022 in englisch via Zoom
  • 10.05.2022 in german via Zoom


  • Free participation

To register for the workshop please use the contact form. Upon registration you will receive the zoom link and login data.


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